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A person may rightfully be happy if in this life he could do a great favor for widows and orphans, could assist support than, and facilitate fate of people.
                                         Islom Karimov


    "We are using the donation to purchase 15 tins of  SMA Gold milk for the babies in our care. Right now our major need is funds for the education of our children; it will be extremely helpful if the foundation can take up the sponsorship of some of our children in the university" 

    Rev. Mrs. Dele George / Founder

    (Little Saints Orphanage - Nigeria) 

OKHF is a 501 (C) (3) public charity organization incorporated in the state of Georgia (USA). Its purpose is to provide food, clothing, transportation, educational, health and medical supplies to children and youths in developing countries.

Tax ID Number (EIN): 27-3925910


“Spreading smile with wide vision"

Sponsor a Child
Our primary source of income is from people like you who see the need and take it upon themselves to sponsor a child for the length of at least one year. Your donation helps to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, and spiritual guidance for your child. Upon committing to sponsorship, you will be provided with a photo of your child along with detailed information about him or her.
You will be able to correspond with your child and thereby remain informed about the child's activities throughout the year. Several families have traveled to Africa to meet their children, so we would welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are willing to partner with us in this way, please click below to select a child that you can begin sponsoring today.
An Orphan's prayer
Each night before I go to bed, I fold my hands and bow
my head praying for a family and the day she will come for me.
I ask God to watch over my friends at the orphanage,
the place that I call home. I finish my prayers and climb
to bed hoping that God heard what I said. My prayers
usually turn out to be my dreams at night hoping
she will be standing there when I wake to the
morning light.

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Aid Gives Alternative to African Orphanages
MCHINJI DISTRICT, Malawi — The Home of Hope orphanage provides Chikodano Lupanga, 15, with three nutritious meals a day, new school uniforms, sensible black shoes and a decent education. 
Her orphaned cousin Jean, 11, who balked at entering the orphanage and lives with her grown sister, has no shoes, raggedy clothes and an often-empty belly. Repeating third grade for the third time, Jean said she bitterly regretted that she did not grow up in the orphanage where Madonna adopted a boy. Had she stayed, she whispered, “I would have learned to read.”
In a country as desperately poor as Malawi, children placed in institutions are often seen as the lucky ones. But even as orphanages have sprung up across Africa with donations from Western churches and charities, the families who care for the vast majority of the continent’s orphans have gotten no help at all, household surveys show.               

Researchers now say a far better way to assist these bereft children is with simple allocations of cash — $4 to $20 a month in an experimental program under way here in Malawi — given directly to the destitute extended families who take them in. That program could provide grants to eight families looking after some two dozen children for the $1,500 a year it costs to sponsor one child at the Home of Hope, estimated Candace M. Miller, a Boston University professor and a lead researcher in the project.