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A person may rightfully be happy if in this life he could do a great favor for widows and orphans, could assist support than, and facilitate fate of people.
                                         Islom Karimov


    "We are using the donation to purchase 15 tins of  SMA Gold milk for the babies in our care. Right now our major need is funds for the education of our children; it will be extremely helpful if the foundation can take up the sponsorship of some of our children in the university" 

    Rev. Mrs. Dele George / Founder

    (Little Saints Orphanage - Nigeria) 

OKHF is a 501 (C) (3) public charity organization incorporated in the state of Georgia (USA). Its purpose is to provide food, clothing, transportation, educational, health and medical supplies to children and youths in developing countries.

Tax ID Number (EIN): 27-3925910


Our Programs


Educating the children in developing countries is of utmost importance to OKHF. We strive on providing a way for young people to excel in school and in their lives through high-quality education. The importance of taking these kids from the streets cannot be over emphasized.

For a child to fulfill his potential, a focused approach to meeting educational needs is required. Our goal is to create an “intentional community of learning” in each of our programs to maximize their academic and vocational potentials.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated entirely to helping  foster youths obtain the academic and technical skills needed to thrive today’s economy.

To that end, OKHF provides scholarship and grants to foster students in colleges and specialized training programs in their respective countries. That is why this year we are focusing our resources towards Seven orphanages;

5. Love Kids Orphanage Home
6. Jonathan child care center
7. Rainbow Orphanage
8. Anile Marie Center